Editorial: A fuel free carnival

POSTED: 04/20/12 1:45 PM

We’ve made the off-hand suggestion before that people should break out their bicycles in the face of rising fuel prices. Considering that the price of gasoline is going up again today for the second time in six days, we think it’s a good idea to remind everyone to break out the bicycles.

Since we believe that as many people as possible should support carnival, it might be wise for people to park their cars and use the money they would invest in gasoline in buying tickets to the shows, in supporting vendors and booth holders and in picking up a new outfit or two. Let’s be honest, once the carnival is over, you can go back to supporting your favorite gas station again. Also breaking out the bike will also mean that you can burn off all the tasty food you eat in the village.

If the bicycle option doesn’t suit your fantasy, try getting a taxi driver’s number or agreeing to car pool with some friends, with one of you as the designated driver for every night that you’ll head to the village. Either of these options will allow people to dance till your body hurts and to have a few drinks without having to worry about driving drunk. Also hop in a bus for the day time activities

The third reason parking the car this carnival season is a good thing is that it will reduce the amount of traffic on the roads both before and after the shows. That means you’ll get there on time and you’ll get home rather quickly too.

So pick your option to save on fuel and get out there to support Carnival. That is of course, if you don’t hate it.

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