Editorial: A first indication

POSTED: 06/13/11 1:12 PM

The first verbal indications have been given that Louis Duzanson was right and the largest party in the governing coalition “does not want the Corporate Governance Council.” To us it could not be clearer than when the Deputy Prime Minister states that “I have no problem with rules” but this type of Council does not exist anywhere else in the Kingdom.

Heyliger is correct about no other country or entity in the Kingdom having a specific council, but he leaves out one thing. Curacao may have a council, but the Foundation Government Accountants Bureau is the implementing agency for the rules on corporate governance.

Heyliger points out that having the Council has now led to continued bureaucracy around key sectors that have been placed in companies so that things can move faster. He also said having the council erodes the democratic process because the advisory bodies sit on the seat of the government, without having to face the people who elected the administration to “work on their behalf.”

But is democracy really being eroded when, as Heyliger admits, the advice can be ignored? The answer – which is no – gives weight to Heyliger’s argument. The no stems from the fact that democracy gives all people in a country a right to their own opinion. Democracy does not, however, mandate the government to follow all opinions.

With this indication no squarely on the table the question is; Will an official position be taken for the Council to be disbanded?


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