Editorial: A fine line

POSTED: 02/10/12 5:09 PM

Finding the right balance was the key theme that was stressed on Thursday night at a town hall meeting hosted by Rainforest Adventures on its plans for the Emilio Wilson Estate. The sought after balance here is how to protect a property that has immense historical, cultural and environmental value, while using it to create much needed economic activity.

The fact is not everyone will appreciate having chairlifts going up Sentry Hill, but weigh that against 60 people who need employment and ask what would you prefer. It is also a fact that there are questions about the environmental record of the developer, but that ignores the fact that there are no guarantees that something or someone can and will do exactly what they say.

For all the emotion around this issue though it was somewhat shocking to see the very small crowd of people who attended the event, including amongst the grass roots campaigners for preservation of the nation’s history and landmarks. It is with interest that we note that a lecture by the German Ambassador was better attended. With all respect, we’d think what’s happening to a piece of local history would have been far more important and the room will have been filled to overflowing. If we truly, collectively believe that the entire estate needs saving, it’s time we chose a side of the fine line and made our position quite clear.

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