Editorial: A few questions about Richards

POSTED: 04/10/12 2:14 PM

There are more questions than answers around President Alain Richardson’s sacking of his Chief of staff Alex Richards. One thing that should be acknowledged is that Richardson has moved quickly to deal with the issue. A similar expedience needs to be brought to the French side’s wider issues.
But back on the matter of the sacking the first question on our minds is how was Richards selected? Many credit his academic ability, but let us not forget his prior fall from grace. In fact one can note the similarity in the two situations. Richards was once charged with creating a tourism master plan. When he finished there was a plagiarism scandal and he lost his job as Director of Tourism. Today a speech is the reason for the allegation.
We’re also curious whether Richardson allowed Richards to explain his position during a RRR faction meeting? That is the honorable way to do things after all. Even if some had already made up their minds, Richards deserves a chance to defend his position.
Thirdly we question: if the speech was truly along the lines of the party program and communicates its intentions, then why was Richards summarily dismissed. These are questions that should be answered so the air is really clear on what happened. Making sure all the information is on the table will also allow Richardson and his party to truly move forward with governing without distraction.

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