Editorial: A definite need for caution

POSTED: 12/28/11 12:23 PM

Aruba has taken the right approach to handling fireworks. At least they’ve taken a step in the right direction by testing some of the stock on the first day of sales. Their cautious and proactive approach has already shown that the fuses on some of the products on the market are not long enough.
Because they caught the danger on day one of sales they’ve been able to roll out a plan that includes warning customers and removing the dangerous items from shops that still have them on the shelves.
We would like to stress this proactive approach when fireworks go on sale here today, but it should not be up to just a government commission. The business owner also has a responsibility to ensure that the products are safe. There is also a role for the consumer who must also make sure that what is being purchased will not put them or their family members in harm’s way.
The adage that prevention is better than cure is one we stress here and should be forefront in people’s mind as they purchase their fireworks. Think rationally as well as you light them up on New Year’s Eve and celebrate because one wrong move could send you to the emergency room.
Though we wish to rob no one of an experience we caution that when one plays with fire, they can and do get burned. That invokes a definite need for caution.

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