Editorial: A day for the history books

POSTED: 10/14/13 12:27 PM

If you consider that most people find the day they get married one of the highlights of their life, the decision by two men to tie the knot in hostile territory in Marigot becomes more than remarkable.

Of course people are entitled to voice their opinions – and they did so in spades on Saturday – but the display of religious zealousness backfired big time when the newlyweds exited from the Hotel de la Collectivité with smiles on their faces and waving to the crowd.

This way the two men made their own statement – a refreshing display of courage and determination. They did not flip the bird to angry protesters nor did they counter abuse with abuse.

We don’t think that the couple was looking forward to these religiously inspired hostilities, but they certainly did let it ruin their day.  Good for them: it will be a day for the local history books – and how many married couples are able to make that claim?

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