Editorial: A bridge to the future

POSTED: 06/23/11 1:37 PM

Members of St. Maarten Parliament who attended the recent Inter-parliamentary Kingdom consultation in the Netherlands seem to have begun building a bridge to the future that includes cooperation with the Dutch in the areas of medical tourism, healthcare and energy. The next building block in this is discussions with members of the Council of Ministers to determine what their plans are and how the ideas they’ve picked from their discussions with their colleagues.

That discussion should happen post haste as the proverbial iron is hot and must be struck while the opportunity is before us. We cannot imagine however that the St. Maarten government will put aside an opportunity to create new revenue streams, improve care to the country’s citizens and residents and bringing energy costs over the long term.

Admittedly some of these things may not be acknowledged in the political life of those who have begun the discussions, but seeing this sort of long term strategizing by our politicians is something we believe shows that the smallest country in the Kingdom is able to stand with the larger ones and prove that we too are able to make mature decisions and move our people into the future.

Bridge building is a costly venture and some would argue the bill for this trip was too big without delivering enough tangible benefits. That argument though represents short sightedness. There is note here that we take from what Minister Donner and that is maybe after we get the bridge built and things are running smoothly that these meetings could take place by video conferencing because the bridge to the future must be include wise financial decisions as a main pillar.


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