Editorial: A bit like Gaza

POSTED: 11/21/12 1:13 PM

The St. Maarten Medical Center must feel a bit like Gaza strip residents under the attacks by Public Health Minister Cornelius de Weever and his Inspectorate.

The latest installment in the war of words is the minister’s reaction to a perfectly normal request for information the SMMC submitted based on the national ordinance for public administration – “de landsverordening openbaarheid van bestuur”.

The vitriolic reaction that only came after the court forced the minister to take a decision, goes far beyond stating the reasons for the minister’s position that the requested information will not be provided.

The government’s unity is in danger, the safety of the country will be damaged, the mere existence of hospital Director Scot’s NV is labeled as questionable, and the minister is contemplating bringing “certain matters” (whatever they may be) to the attention of the public prosecutor.

What all this shows is that the SMMC has touched a nerve with its information-request. There is now more than ever reason to believe that the orchestrated attack on the hospital is driven by the medical tourism agenda.

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