Editorial: A better prize

POSTED: 04/4/12 11:58 AM

It is interesting to observe that the St. Maarten Promoting Young Ambassadors gave away electronic gadgets to the winners of the recent Interscholastic Youth Competition. While we have no problem with electronics, we think an idea that should be considered for next year is scholarships for the winners. Yes we think that the foundation should give each of the top three money to promote them acquiring skills to become ambassadors.
It is not enough to state that you are promoting young ambassadors. One must also take actions that will lead to young people actually becoming ambassadors. That means giving them something that will allow them to grow up smart and to function as leaders. Computer games help build some skills, but definitely not the ones that lead to great leaders and ambassadors.
It can be expected that the young people will get some enjoyment from their new gadgets, but in the overall picture, the benefits will be minimal. Giving a scholarship to cover a school will do much more. It will keep the students on the right track and it will give their parents some ease. That kind of prize is a true reward.
Giving a scholarship also reflects a truer picture of life where we work and earn salaries and then use that to acquire things that we need. Education is a need for these young people. Tech items are a frivolous want that we can and should avoid giving them.

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