Editorial: 58 days waiting to get paid

POSTED: 07/8/14 2:58 AM

We do not doubt the good intentions of the St. Maarten Carnival Development Foundation, but we do question its wisdom and prudence.

Our front-page story about the cleaning lady who has been waiting since May 5 to be paid for her services shows that the Carnival-organizers hired external help knowing that the money to pay these people was not there – at least not immediately.

The cleaning lady and several others with her have been waiting now 58 days for their money. Asking especially people who do menial jobs at odd hours to be patient has all the hallmarks of a classic insult. The foundation needed the cleaners every night, but when it was time to pay them, there were other priorities.

For future events, cleaners and others providing highly necessary but hardly appreciated services would be wise to demand their pay at the end of each day and – if that is not possible – to let the foundation clean up its own mess.

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