Ecumenical service for Constitution Day “As for gay marriage, don’t even try to touch that”

POSTED: 10/11/12 3:34 PM

GREAT BAY – Political leaders were warned not to desecrate the memory of our forefathers by enacting legislation that would legalize gay marriage and abortion by Pastor James Young at Wednesday’s ecumenical service to mark Constitution Day.

With a sermon called Do Not Remove the Ancient Landmark Which Your Fathers Have Set, Young quoted from the preamble of the Constitution and charged that God would unleash judgment on St.Maarten if the principles upon which this sacred document was founded were altered.

“I know abortion; it will come up with your parliamentarians. Legalizing abortion is very dangerous for our society, unless it is to help a woman from losing her life. The forefathers will never forgive you, if you legalize such things as abortions. Don’t remove those old landmarks which your fathers have set. As for gay marriage don’t even try to touch that. If you reverse it the forefathers will shake in their graves. Be careful, if you do so, then we will all be in trouble,” Pastor Young said.

Young was at the time addressing a moderate gathering, largely devoid of elected officials, at the SS Simon and Jude Anglican Church on Back Street. The early morning church service started off activities to mark the second anniversary since St. Maarten attained the status of a country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Among those in attendance were the Governor Eugene Holiday, President of Parliament Rodolphe Samuel, Prime Minister Sarah Wescot-Williams, Ministers Silveria Jacobs and Roland Duncan and the Ombudsman Nilda Arduin-Lynch as well as the Vice-President of the Collectivité of St. Martin Guillaume Arnell.

The service was held under the theme Building A Nation of Courageous and Determined People, the theme that is in fact being used to mark all Constitution Day activities this year as designated by the Minister of Culture, Silveria Jacobs.

He added that within the lives of the old political and social stalwarts could be seen visible landmarks of the fear of God.

“If we are going to build a nation of strong and courageous people, we must listen to the word of God, which is the will of God. Look at the road map and blue print; our Constitution. It is a sacred document whether we accept it or not. We need to see our representatives together, respecting each other. Whomever God places there we ought to respect, pray for and love them…and also use our right to vote,” Pastor Young noted.

‘We have to tighten up and make sure that the country keeps its name and reputation,” he added referring to immigration and security issues.

The service was brought to a close by Father Terrence Rawlins who prayed for the ruling coalition and opposition to fulfill their responsibilities with wisdom.

“May the government resolve to uphold the Constitution. May they not simply seek to fill their pockets but seek the betterment of St. Maarten. As for the opposition, may they be a worthy opposition, help them to be aggressive; to agitate for what is right. But at the same time, may they not serve to hinder for personal grandstanding, for gimmickry and trickery. But when they agitate, obstruct, object, may they do so for the smallest and least of us,” Rawlins prayed to loud agreement and even chuckles by those gathered.

He summed up the service as sending a strong message that “God is still in control and that though we may not be truly happy here we are still better off than most places. Some of us cannot control our own households but we are quick to criticize those who have the weight of the country on their shoulders.”

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Ecumenical service for Constitution Day “As for gay marriage, don’t even try to touch that” by

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