Early childhood development conference works on policy

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Minister Jacobs (left) listens attentively during the conference. Photo contributed

St. Maarten News  – The launch of the early childhood development participatory policy planning conference took place at the Nipa last Wednesday. The two day conference discussed the topics needed to form this policy for St. Maarten and the benefits of expanding investments in it. Education Minister Silveria Jacobs made welcome statements and introductions.

The Department of Youth Affairs is responsible for monitoring the Rights of the Child and therefore assumed the responsibility for the role of ensuring that laws and policies for early childhood development are established.

In order to draft the preliminary vision and mission statements of the Early Childhood Development policy, the important activities and services to be developed under each strategic priority must be established.

The effects of early intervention for especially disadvantaged children lead to improvements in children’s survival, health, growth, and cognitive and social development. Children who receive assistance in their early years achieve more success at school. As adults, they have higher employment and earnings, better health and lower levels of welfare dependences and crime rates than those who do not receive there early opportunities.

Policies to regulate Early Childhood Development will positively influence the socio-economic development of the people of St. Maarten. Participants in the conference were policy makers of the Departments of Youth and Education, the Division of Public Education, Emily Vargas-Baron, an international policy consultant, SECDA, early childhood educator schools, Stichting Justitiële Instellingen St. Maarten (SJIS) and the Inspectorate representatives for the Ministry of Public Health, Social Development and Labor.

At the conclusion of the conference, a presentation of the final draft work plan for the policy will be presented to Minister Jacobs.

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