Dutchman sentenced for domestic violence

POSTED: 02/7/13 12:48 PM

St. Maarten – Dutchman Marco Marinus Rojo could have finally had his day in court yesterday to defend himself against allegations of domestic violence against his wife more than three years ago, on November 19, 2009. However, Rojo chose not to appear and the Court in First Instance sentenced him in absentia.

The 40-year-old defendant had grabbed his wife that day in November in such a way by her arm that he had injured her. The women in the meantime has – as often happens in cases of domestic violence – indicated that she wanted to withdraw the complaint against her husband, but the prosecutor’s office did not want to hear about it.

Prosecutor Georges van den Eshof demanded a 500 guilders fine against the Dutchman, but that did not go far enough for Judge, Tamara Tijhuis. “This is a very old charge, but a fine is not fitting, especially because Mr. Rojo has a history of being unable to keep his hands to himself.”

The judge sentenced Rojo to a 14-days suspended prison sentence with 2 years of probation.

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