Dutch Representative: Funding scale back requires new cooperation style

POSTED: 09/21/11 12:38 PM

WILLEMSTAD – The Dutch Representative for Curacao, Aruba and St. Maarten Gerard van der Wulp is hoping to use his experience in Washington and The Hague to help build a new style of cooperation in the Kingdom. He expressed the desire on Tuesday as he presented the press in Curacao with highlights of the Dutch government’s budget for 2012.
Van der Wulp moved to Curacao a month and a half ago from Washington, where he represented the Kingdom on the world stage. He’s of the view that the differences between serving there and within the Kingdom are not as big as many expect.
“Both are democratic societies, both are multicolored crucibles and both have political majorities and minorities which must eventually come together to take issues into account and make decisions. The political is harsh, but it is always conducted with mutual respect. That mutual appreciation of each other’s intentions is a great thing to honor. I now hope to use the experience I got in Washington and The Hague to shape a new style of cooperation in the Kingdom, together with all of you,” van der Wulp said.
The Dutch representative’s comments were made against as he confirmed a scale back in funding for the islands beginning in this year. The Dutch government plans to continue several support mechanisms, but is clear that it wants especially the countries to stand on their own two feet and cooperation to be based on equality and mutual benefits.
“In the coming years it comes down to new forms of cooperation which will really benefit the population, because the bottom line is that cooperation between countries requires support from the population. That support is under pressure, even in the Netherlands. If it is up to the Dutch government, we will continue to work together and we are looking for new opportunities for cooperation,” van der Wulp said.

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