Dutch Representation funds workbook purchase

POSTED: 11/25/10 11:23 PM

St. Maarten –Iris Kramer, who works in the Dutch Representation in Philipsburg, recently handed over US$ 4, 000 worth of Bright Ideas Science workbooks to the management of the Christian Hillside School. The books were purchased from the Small Project Fund, which the representation uses to support non-profit initiatives in education, social development, culture and preservation of the environment.
The Department for Educational Research, Policy & Innovation (DERPI), introduced the Bright Ideas Primary Science for the Caribbean in the 2009/2010 school year. Students quickly related to it because they could identify with the Caribbean values and practices in them and they were bright and colorful. They hit a hindrance though because the school could not provide them with the workbooks that go along with the textbooks.
When the school’s general director Asha Stevens-Mohabir discovered there was no money to purchase the books, she began making rounds. That led her at a given moment to Kramers who pledged she’d assist and subsequently raised the matter with the Head of the Dutch Representation Lars Walrave. He gave his assent to give the money and personally informed Stevens-Mohabir of the approval that led to last week’s presentation.

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