Dutch Quarter man arrested; threats called in to police

POSTED: 10/2/14 11:13 PM

St. Maarten – A 24-year-old man L.A.D was arrested in Dutch Quarter yesterday after he was spotted riding a scooter without a license plate and without wearing a helmet. The police also discovered an illegal firearm on his person during an arrest, which the young man is said to have “resisted heavily.” Shortly after the arrest of L.A.D for resisting arrest, and illegal firearm possession a verbal threat from an anonymous person was called into the Philipsburg police station in connection with this case.

Police spokesman Henson said the call “came in on the police main phone line stating that they will deal with the police officers who were involved in this arrest.” Henson stressed that the police department takes threats very seriously. “The police department is making it clear to those persons who are making these idle threats that the task of the police is to serve and protect this community. The police will not take these threats lightly and most definitely will not be intimidated by them. Police officers have a duty to perform and that is to provide safety and security for this country. The police will stop at nothing to carry out the duties they have sworn to carry out,” Henson said.

He explained that the young man was approached by police after they noticed he was not wearing a helmet and that the scooter had no license plate and the young man acted nervous as the police approached him. He is also said to have injured a police officer in the line of duty.

“While getting closer to the rider he suddenly started the scooter and took-off at high speed knocking one of the officers to the ground. The rider, in his attempt to get away, lost control of the scooter and fell to the ground. At this time the officers tried to arrest him but he resisted his arrest severely. During this heavy struggle the officers noticed that this suspect had a gun stuck in his waist. After the struggle the officers were able to put the suspect in handcuffs and removed the fully loaded .40 caliber Smith &Wesson pistol from his waist. The suspect with the initials L.A.D. (24) was arrested on the spot. The pistol and scooter of the suspect were both confiscated for further investigation. The officer that was hit by the scooter suffered several bruises and scrapes to his arms and legs and complained of pain in his right leg. He will seek medical attention.”



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Dutch Quarter man arrested; threats called in to police by

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