Dutch Quarter help desk is now open

POSTED: 02/16/12 1:36 PM
Minister of Public Health, Social Development and Labor Cornelius de Weever and the ministry’s Secretary General drs Jorien Wuite cut the ribbon on Wednesday evening to open the community helpdesk opened in Dutch Quarter.

St. Maarten – The country’s second community helpdesk was opened in Dutch Quarter on Wednesday evening by Minister of Public Health, Social Development and Labor Cornelius de Weever and the ministry’s Secretary General drs Jorien Wuite. The first community help desk was opened in St. Peters in December and has received positive reviews thus far, has led to an increase in the use of particular services and improved efficiency.
“I take great pride in this opening as it gives content to the government’s social agenda for bringing service to the people and to help them with their challenges at practical and accessible locations,” Wuite said.
She also explained that the government is seeking to integrate the help desks into its standard practice, pledged that the ministry will work to improve on flaws and setbacks and request that community organizations support the work at the help desks by using the space to offer services.
De Weever thanked Dr. (Glen) Bryson and his wife for the “ideal location” in a brief address as this help desk is located in the same building that Bryson uses for his medical practice. The decision was taken to put the helps desk next to the clinic because it is then near other services.
“This is to give service to the community. I want to encourage you all to make use of the services. We are committed to going into the neighborhood to help our people,” the minister said.

Youth Officer within the Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth and Sport Shermina Powell-Richardson called the help desk collaboration between the community, non-governmental organizations and the government that should lead to solutions. She stressed that not all people would find a quick solution and that all visitors to the help desks should be prepared to participate in helping to find a solution. She also urged those who work in the help desks to “keep it real” and not attempt to play a role which they did not have.
“We must focus on results,” Powell-Richardson said.

The government is preparing to open a third help desk in Cole Bay by March 1. This is the last area that was prioritized for a help desk as part of the integrated neighborhood development program (INDP), which is being funded by Usona.

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