Dutch MPs want inquiries to move forward

POSTED: 10/12/11 4:36 PM

THE HAGUE – Members of the Second Chamber have said it remains important to them that the integrity of Curacao’s government and the leak of a confidential report with minutes from a meeting of the Kingdom Council of Ministers be investigated. The MPs made that clear in a debate with Minister of Kingdom Relations Piet Hein Donner on Tuesday night about the Rosenmöller report and the guarantee function.
Their desire for the independent investigation follows an announcement in Curacao that the Public Prosceutor will not initiate criminal investigations against the Finance Minister George Jamaloodin and Minister of Economic Affairs Abdul Nasser El Hakim, based on a complaint filed by Director of the Central Bank Emsley Tromp.
“The study into integrity must happen. So must the leak from the Kingdom Council of Ministers. Prime Minister Mark Rutte has said he won’t investigate it. I can’t accept that and the Chamber cannot accept that. A bomb is being placed under relations in the Kingdom and our prime minister is looking away,” Socialist Party MP Ronald van Raak said.
Wassila Hachchi of the D66 and Eric Lucassen agree with Van Raak.
“I see it as two separate processes – the investigation following the declaration of Mr. Tromp and a study of integrity. If the prosecutor decides not to go beyond criminal investigation that is an independent position but Rosenmöller has made clear recommendations that are worthwhile,” the D66 MP said.
“The Rosenmöller report showed lack of punch from different organizations on the island. The PVV is not surprised that the Public Prosecutor will not do an investigation and their conclusion precisely confirms the need for an independent external review,” Lucassen added as he announced a motion for the Dutch National Police to investigate.
D66 also planned to introduce motions. One is for the setup of a Secretariat of the Kingdom and for more MPs and Ministers from across the Kingdom to be involved in debates on Kingdom Relations.

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