Dutch Electoral Council wants ban on stemfies

POSTED: 07/31/14 10:46 PM

THE HAGUE – The Dutch Electoral Council wants to ban the so-called stemfie – a picture taken by voters in the voting booth showing whom they voted for, the Telegraaf reported yesterday. In March, Minister Ronald Plaster (Home Affairs and Kingdom Relations) said that voters are allowed to take such pictures.

According to the Electoral Council the stemfie is at odds with the voting freedom and the voting secrecy. The council expressed its opinion in a series of recommendations following the municipal and European elections that took place earlier this year in March and May respectively.

“Every possibility that voters are put under pressure of feel pressure to vote for a certain party or candidate and provide evidence of it, must be prevented,” the Electoral Council states.

Until the recommendations of the Electoral Council have been adopted stemfies are still allowed in the Netherlands. In countries like Belgium and South-Africa making a self-portrait in a voting booth is punishable by law. In St. Maarten there is no legislation in place to ban stemfies.

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