Dutch civil servants arrive this week: Action plan in motion

POSTED: 11/18/14 12:21 AM

THE HAGUE – Civil servants from the Ministry of Home Affairs and Kingdom Relations travel this week to St. Maarten to make a beginning with the implementation of the action plan integrity, Jamila Baaziz reports on Caribisch Netwerk.

Minister Ronald Plasterk made this announcement on Friday after a meeting of the Kingdom Council of Ministers. “The action plan has been discussed in the Kingdom Council of Ministers. The intention is to implement it in consultation and with consensus.”

With this announcement, a new instruction for St. Maarten is off the books. Plasterk warns that there must be progress before the end of the year – therefore, within the next couple of weeks. “There is no misunderstanding that this really has to happen. We have established a timeframe.”

Plasterk declined to say anything about the imposed Dutch help with the screening for the candidate ministers for the new cabinet. “The governor is busy with this process.”

Plasterk said he is hopeful about Aruba’s finances. The country has in the meantime sent an adjusted budget to the parliament. Once the Parliament has approved it, the governor will have to sign the budget. That way, the instruction the country received from the Netherlands will have been executed. The minister hopes he will be able to avoid a new instruction. “Time is of the essence, because we are talking about the 2014 budget.”

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Dutch civil servants arrive this week: Action plan in motion by

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