Duo arrested for daylight supermarket robberies

POSTED: 01/12/12 4:07 PM

A composite photo shows the two supermarkets in St. Peters that were robbed near midday Wednesday. 

St. Maarten – Police have arrested and detained J.M. and A.S. on Wednesday as suspects in two daylight robberies that occurred that same day. The pair was arrested at a house on Apricot Road that they ran to in order to evade police. Police also searched the house under the leadership of the acting prosecutor and found a small amount of marijuana, a mask and several items which can be used to commit armed robberies. These items have been confiscated as part of the investigation that will be led by the Special Robbery Unit.

Police patrols were first sent to St. Peters at 11:40 a.m. after St. Peters Supermarket and Ho Supermarket were robbed at gunpoint. One of the victims pointed out one of the suspects. When police approached him he ran for the house on Apricot Road through people’s yards. The officers gave chase and fired two warning shots in an attempt to get him to stop. He continued running before disappearing into the house on Apricot Road where police found him and one other and arrested them.

The two young men that police arrested on Wednesday on suspicion of robbing the two supermarkets in St. Peters near midday Wednesday. 

Caixiu Xu of St. Peters Supermarket said the suspect entered the store at 11:20 a.m., pulled the gun and demanded all the money in the cash register and in people’s pockets. He left with $300 dollars from that robbery. Several witnesses, including the store owner, described the robber, described as a tall, skinny, dark skinned man in a white t-shirt, knee length jeans, white slippers and a white mask over his nose and mouth. When he came in Xu said she pleaded with him not to rob her again.

“I told him six times in one month is too much but he did not care. It’s the same person all the time,” Xu said.

The supermarket owner beefed up security by installing cameras after five robberies and is hoping the information recorded will be helpful in the investigation. The store owner has also announced that she’s considering moving her business because of personal safety concerns.

“The Chinese Association sat down and put something together for the government and the police and still these things are happening to us,” Xu said.

The second robbery was at 11:30 a.m. at Ho Supermarket where Xuehni Wu was seated at the cash register. The suspect jumped over the counter and a frozen Wu watched as he took $400 in cash and coins before threatening her and walking out of the store.

“He kept saying where the rest of money, where the rest. But how can we have more money when I have been robbed five times now. All the police keep saying is that they are looking into it,” Wu said.

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