Duncan’s Hypnotic Hotel loses court case against Seaman’s Club

POSTED: 11/14/12 12:30 PM

St. Maarten / By Hilbert Haar – Hypnotic Hotel and Entertainment N.V. was sentenced in the Court in First Instance yesterday to pay thousands of dollars to Richbenzwan N.V., the company that exploits the Seaman’s Club brothel in Sucker Garden. Hypnotic exploits the El Capitan brothel, located right in front of the Seaman’s club. Tantalizing detail: the managing directors of Hypnotic Hotel are D & B (Duncan and Brandon) Management and Collection Services N.V. and the Duncan Pension Fund Foundation – both companies of Justice Minister Roland Duncan.

This newspaper has not yet obtained a copy of the court ruling, but based on information from sources close to the case, it has been established that the court ruling went in favor of the plaintiff, Richbenzwan N.V., though the exact details of the ruling have not become public yet.

Richbenzwan started with the Seaman’s Club, also known as the Japanese Club in 1965. The original owner has passed away and his widow, Patricia Richardson, holds the license. This license includes permission to offer adult entertainment “on and off the premises for private parties.”

Hypnotic Hotel and entertainment N.V. does not have such a license. Based on its registration with the Chamber of Commerce, Minister Duncan’s company only has a permit “to fully own, operate, manage, and maintain a hotel/timeshare/vacation resort, including but not limited to restaurants and bars and/or nightclub, as well as to organize revues, shows, music performances and to give opportunity for dancing in these establishments.”

Duncan and Brandon buy cheap diazepam 10mg Management and the Duncan Pension Fund Foundation were registered as managing directors of Hypnotic Hotel and Entertainment with full authority on February 9, 2009.

In July of that year, the Seaman’s Club moved to a building located just behind its original location and El Capitan moved into the building near the Sucker Garden Road. The owner of this building is a French-side resident, James Carti – and the El Capitan brothel operates under the license held by Patricia Richardson.

Apparently a deal was made between the two parties about compensation for the use of this license. A conflict arose when Hypnotic refused to make further payments. The Court in First Instance has now ruled that Hypnotic has to pay what it owes to the license holder.

It is remarkable that in the very year that the Seaman’s Club moved to its new location – where previously Hypnotic operated a “hotel/entertainment center” – it soon received a visit from the police and members of the VKS.

This team inspected the Seaman’s club’s permit and found that the address on the permit did not match the current business location. The police officers closed down the club on October 9, 2009.

The company went to court over the closure and won: the court ruled on October 29 that the closure had to be based on a decision by the Executive Council and that police officers do not have the authority to close down a business if their permits are not in order.

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  1. zAMBROS says:

    A Minister of Justice running a pleasure house.Heavens
    how did the security agecies give him clearance for Ministerial post?