Duncan wants Justice Ministry to issue licenses

POSTED: 01/6/12 4:52 PM

New resolution still unfinished

St. Maarten – Justice Minister Roland Duncan has announced he wants to move the issuance of driver’s licenses to the Ministry of Justice because he’s unhappy with the “bad service” people are getting from the Civil Registry. Duncan’s idea to take over the issuance of driver’s license will take some time yet and will come after he finalizes a new decree that the department says it needs.
“This is a problem for me. There is no reason they can’t issue the licenses and they can restart any they feel like. There is no reason for them to stop. The old law applies and there is a transition period. The new decree will take a while yet because at the moment it should be either on its way to or coming back from the Advisory Council,” Duncan explained.
The minister is particularly annoyed because in the absence of the decree he’s told the department to issue people with a standardized letter which they can show police. The basic text states that the person meets all the requirements to have a license and they are waiting for the government to provide them with the actual license. According to Duncan the Civil Registry is refusing to issue the letter and is pressing him to issue the new national decree with the design and issuing authority. His frustration is now boiling over and he wants to have the issuance process transferred to his ministry.
“You have a situation where the Civil Registry is doing something on my behalf and I can’t get them to follow my instructions and have chosen to give bad service,” the minister said.
Duncan has also advised people who are fined by police for driving with an expired license to challenge the matter in court and explain to the judge that they are waiting on the government (Civil Registry) to provide them with a license.

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