Duncan to punish rabble rousing prisoners

POSTED: 04/12/12 12:39 PM

St. Maarten – Justice Minister Roland Duncan has announced he will prosecute the detainees that were involved in damaging the prison cells on the top floor of the Simpson Bay police station on Tuesday night. Duncan also intends to sue for damages and that the inmates will have to work to pay back for the cost of the repairs.

“Yes there was something. I would not want to call it a riot. The prisoners damaged tables, chairs, windows and doors. The police were called in and they were able to work with the prison guards to subdue the situation. We know who was involved because we have the whole thing on tape and we will charge them for it,” Duncan said.

The minister has requested that the prison management provide with a full and detailed report on what happened. That report will be sent to parliament, partially as a response to the continued letters by inmates to the media and the legislature about violations of their human rights.

“Simpson Bay is a brand new facility. These inmates have now damaged public property and I intend to act forcefully against them. They complain about facilities, but then they themselves turn around and destroy it. So I will explain to parliament what happened,” Duncan said.

The minister has also denied a charge that there are 18 inmates staying in one cell and that each inmate was given one bottle of water and told they had to make it last for a week.

Prisoners have been staying in Simpson Bay for between two to three weeks.

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