Duncan salutes Jacobs’ no nonsense approach

POSTED: 01/6/12 4:53 PM

St. Maarten – Crime fighting, improved prison facilities and policy reforms are Minister of Justice Roland Duncan’s stated priorities for the year 2012. He’s chosen those items over “solving petty conflicts among civil servants, especially those who choose to vent their gripes in the press”.
“Jacobs’ should be given the opportunity to do her job even if it makes others uncomfortable,” Duncan said.
Duncan made his pronouncement in response to questions on the perceived grouses of detectives within the St. Maarten Police Force over the leadership of Denise Jacobs in the Detective Department. The minister’s rejected the criticism though and said he is quite happy with Jacob’s “no nonsense” approach and the fact that she’s been proactive since being appointed.
“We need to move into new situations and it’s quite apparent that the detectives who are trying to create this ripple are very sensitive and resistant to change. I am always willing to address the concerns of my staff, but reaching a decision takes time, the outcome of which may not always be pleasing to all parties involved,” Duncan said.
The minister has also used this issue to call on his staffers to come to him first when they have complaints.
Jacobs’ functioning has been called to question in other sections of the media but Duncan does not believe there is a crisis in the department. One officer, who doesn’t want to be quoted directly, has said he left the department not because of issues with Jacobs’, but because he wants to further studies in policing so that he can better serve St.Maarten in a senior position.

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