Duncan accuses local press of “deliberate incorrect reporting”

POSTED: 04/15/11 12:28 PM

St. Maarten – Justice Minister Roland Duncan attacked the local written press yesterday in a radio broadcast on the Lloyd Richardson show. “Unfortunately on several items there is an extreme bias, especially in the written press,” Duncan said. He said that there is “deliberate incorrect reporting,” and that “information is not carried correctly when I give an interview.”

The Minister charged that some stories are “full of innuendos, like throwing in the father-in-law thing (the fact that Finance Minister Shigemoto is Duncan’s son in law – ed.). the whole approach is that the government does not know what it is doing.”

Duncan also made a vague reference to Bas Roorda’s dismissal, by stating, “We had an issue with Bas Roorda. The Metropolitan knows exactly that he is the correct person, everybody in the island is a dummy and a fool, if not corrupt. It reaches a point where it is bothering me. And people pay for the garbage they receive in the written press.”

Duncan went on to tackle two editorials in yesterday’s papers about the visa-issue. “It’s absolutely incorrect,” he said. “Issuing visas is not a foreign affairs thing, it is the authority of the Minister of Justice of each country in the Kingdom to decide who it lets in as foreigners.”

(For more on the visa-issue, see related story on page 3).

Duncan accused the writers of stories about the visa-issue of defending personal interests. “I realize the influence in the press from in particular two nations (Jamaica and Guyana – ed.). I am being very blunt about it. I see how these articles are written and I can see the personal interest involved in them.”


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