Drunk driver arrested for threatening policemen

POSTED: 06/17/13 11:33 AM

St. Maarten – On Friday morning around 4 a.m. police arrested a man with the initial S.J.F. for insulting and threatening police officers. The incident occurred according to a police report in front of the Golden Eyes nightclub on the Airport Boulevard where police were called for a minor traffic accident. F. was the driver of one of the cars.

The man did not cooperate with the investigation. On several occasions he insulted the officers by using profanity and verbally threatening their lives. According to the police, F. was under the influence of alcohol.

Witnesses told the police they had seen the man drinking at two different nightclubs. The rebellious driver told the police officers “that he knew people in high places and that he would have them lose their job.”

F. was arrested and taken to the police station in Philipsburg where he remains in custody pending further investigation.

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