Driver speaks about fatal bike accident in French Quarter

POSTED: 03/5/14 10:26 AM

“I wished things were different”

FRENCH QUARTER-Two days after he was involved in an accident in which one teenager lost his life and one is still in critical condition, M.R, the driver of the Tundra the bike slammed into, is still traumatized from the harrowing experience. He spoke exclusively with this newspaper.

When M.R, who has been driving for the past 30 years, left his home to conduct business on the French side, he had no idea what the outcome would be. “I had just left the shop that sells BBQ and was heading to the gas station. When I reached the gas station, I saw a bike in the distance and it was on one wheel,” M.R explained.

From his estimation, M.R felt that it was safe to make the left turn into the entrance of the gas station, which he did, but what happened next will remain in his memory for as long as he lives. “I had already cleared the road; then I felt the impact,” he said, as the bike crashed into the side end of his vehicle.

According to M.R, his initial reaction was to see what had happened to the rider of the bike, at that stage, he did not realize that there was another person on the bike. “The second person was behind the wall and the other was nearer to the vehicle, they were both seriously injured.” M.R pointed out.

Medical officials from the Fire Station were the first to arrive on the scene and did what was necessary to resuscitate the rider of the bike who had suffered more injuries than the pillion rider. Tragically, both were not wearing helmets.

M.R who was cleared of all apparent charges by the Gendarmerie said that he was told that the rider who was unable to see the oncoming traffic, because he was looking skyward during the popping routine. He panicked and collided into the back of his vehicle.

Fortunately for M.R, his account of what transpired seconds before the impact was substantiated by the gas attendant that was on duty at the time. “I was told that it was a 450cc scrambler and that is a very big bike for young boys to control and they hit my vehicle at full throttle,” M.R said.

However, in light of the tragedy, M.R used the opportunity to extend his heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of the deceased. “I wished it was just major damage to the vehicle and the bike, not the other way around he said, but popping bikes can have a deadly ending, riders just have to be more careful.”



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