Drilling starts for new storage tank

POSTED: 04/11/12 2:22 PM

Regional Manager of Sol Antilles David Antrobus watches as a pile is drilled into the ground for the company’s newest fuel storage tank.

St. Maarten – Work started on the new aviation fuel storage tanks at Sol Antilles fuel farm in Cay Bay on Tuesday. The new storage tank, which has the capacity for holding 34, 000 barrels, should be completed before the start of the next tourism season. Once the new tanks are finished the risk of a fuel shortage should be reduced.
The piling for the construction of the new tank is being done by Exfor, which has done piling for a number of other major projects. They expect they’ll be finished by April 20. The project literally hit a delay because of hard rock in the ground where the piles were being driven. Exfor considers this a minor setback that will not affect their ability to make an on time delivery.
According to schematics Exfor will drill 14 piles to a depth of seven meters to hold the base of the new tank. The company is actually drilling the piles to avoid the disruptive vibrations that come from piling.

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Drilling starts for new storage tank by

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  1. Carter says:

    I’ve heard that the pre drill pilings work is the most difficult part. Is this true? Which is more expensive?