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POSTED: 08/23/13 2:34 PM
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From left to right: Gebe Commercial Manager, Steve Duzanson, Gebe Communications Officer, Sjadira Gaari, Member Organizing Committee Inauguration (OCI), Mavis Albertina , OCI Chairperson, Anenda Zaandam, OCI Secretary, Emilia Thomas and Member OCI, Andre Hoeneveldt. Photo Today/Leo Brown

Book published September 5

St. Maarten – The dream book that was made after the inauguration of King Willem Alexander will be published throughout the Kingdom on September 5. The King will receive the first copy of the book at Palace Het Loo in Apeldoorn.

The book, “My dream for our country, inspiration for the King” was requested by the King to the National Committee Inauguration to have citizens of the Kingdom share their dream for their country as an inspiration to him and all citizens within the Kingdom. On St. Maarten the Organizing Committee Inauguration (OCI) requested persons to submit their dreams with the hope of being selected to be part of the dream book.

From over 5600 submitted dreams, a jury of 16 well-known Dutch persons chose 300, amazing and inspiring dreams. The submission of the OCI was selected to be published in the book. “The submitted dreams were selected in different categories, were we made a selection from each category,” Member of the OCI Mavis Martina said. “Each and every dream was special; whether it came from a 9-year-old girl or from a 90-year-old man.”

The book will also contain a number of photos of the inauguration ceremony on April 30.

All households on St. Maarten and the Caribbean part of the Kingdom will also receive one free copy of the book per household. In the next coming weeks the OCI in collaboration Gebe shall distribute a flyer with information and will add a voucher when they receive their Gebe invoices.

As of September 5 all who are interested can pick up their hard copy of the dream book after 2 p.m. at both Van Dorp Bookstore locations by bringing their voucher. People who receive their invoices by mail can visit www.mijndroomvooronsland.nl where they can download the book or submit for a voucher online.

After King Willem Alexander received the dream book at Palace Het Loo, together with Queen Máxima, the King will open an outdoor exhibition where a number of dreams from the book will be depicted. Member of OCI St. Maarten, Andre Hoeneveld will be in the Netherlands to represent St. Maarten at this reception.


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