Dr. Arrindell wins case against inspectorate

POSTED: 08/27/13 12:44 PM

St. Maarten – The decision by the inspectorate to suspend Dr. Angelica Arrindell’s from practicing medicine on June 24, has been declared completely unfounded by the judge at the Court of First Instance.

According to the judge, the directorate has not been able to prove that it has the authority to ban or even suspend Dr. Arrindell from practicing medicine, Stomp Lawyers wrote in a press release.

“There simply is no legal basis for what the inspectorate has done.”

This means that Dr. Arrindell is fully allowed to continue her practice. A practice she has successfully run for more than 12 years.

“Dr. Arrinddell has dearly suffered from the various defamation attempts from the inspectorate and a few individuals that thought to profit from the created situation,” the statement added.

“Nevertheless thanks to the overwhelming support of many of her patients, her husband and her attorney Ms. Judith Vogelpoel, she is preparing to reopen her clinic shortly, for which a separate public notice will be given in the local newspapers.”


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