DP wants update on motion to lower electricity tariffs

POSTED: 02/17/14 2:18 PM

St. Maarten – Democratic Party faction leader Roy Marlin asked this weekend for an update from Vromi-Minister Maurice Lake about the execution of his motion that called for lowering the utility costs for consumers.

During the budget debate on January 16, parliament accepted a DP-motion that calls for lower Gebe tariffs. The motion is based on the fact that Gebe no longer has to subsidize the utility-operations in Saba and Statia, after these units became independent per January 1. This saves Gebe between 7 and 9 million guilders a year, Marlin writes in a letter addressed to the chairlady of parliament, Drs. Gracita Arrindell.

“The democratic Party applauds the recent initiatives by Gebe to introduce alternative energy such as solar power and reduced electricity rates for senior citizens,” Marlin wrote. “The DP believes that the motion accepted by parliament gives the basis for an immediate initial relief of Gebe’s direct electricity costs towards the consumers, especially taking into account the hard economic times our residents find themselves in. any relief given to the consumer at this point in time will signify an expansion of the spending power of the consumer and will assist the neediest in our community.”

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DP wants update on motion to lower electricity tariffs by

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