DP President suggests maximum penalty of 6 years for causing fatal accidents

POSTED: 05/10/11 12:29 PM

Ferrier urges MPs to change the law

St. Maarten – Businessman and DP president Michael Ferrier calls on parliamentarians to spring into action and to change the law to allow for a maximum penalty of 6 years imprisonment for drivers who cause a fatal accident.

Ferrier made his call in a letter to the editor that we publish today. In it, Ferrier wonders how it is possible that the truck driver who caused the death of 12-year-old schoolgirl Silvia Lynch was released from custody on the same day the accident happened.

“I found out that non-premeditated death by fault in a traffic accident carries a maximum penalty of just over a year imprisonment. So to hold the culprit in police lock-ups longer than 6 hours seems not to be allowed or possible,” Ferrier wrote.

He added that in Holland a change in the law was made about fifteen years ago. If someone dies due to negligence by a driver, he can be sentenced to up to 6 years in jail, Ferrier stated.

He also called on MPs to make a law that obliges traffic to stop when a school bus with flashing lights is letting off children. He urged police not to intervene when bus drivers park their bus across the road when they let of children to protect their safety.

Lastly, Ferrier noted that, if it is correct that the driver did not have a local driver’s license and that he was not driving his own truck, what the responsibilities would be of the person or the company that hired him.

If the stories in the papers are correct, this driver doesn’t have legal residency on St. Maarten and doesn’t have a local driver’s license. Presuming that the man was not driving his own truck, what, I wonder are the responsibilities of the person or company that hired him to drive the truck in the first place? (See Ferrier’s letter on the Letters to the Editor page).


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DP President suggests maximum penalty of 6 years for causing fatal accidents by

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