Dow and Beenie Man sing You Make Me So

POSTED: 02/8/12 3:23 PM

GREAT BAY- St Maarten’s musical ambassador, Isidore ‘Mighty Dow’ York will be seeking to enhance his reputation now that he is in the process of doing a tune with Anthony Moses Davis, aka Beenie Man, a Grammy Award winning Jamaican reggae artist.

This is a huge move by Dow, who was recently inducted into the Music Hall of Fame and presented with a Life Time Achievement Award for his contribution to steel band music which dates back to the early 70’s.

Dow, who left for Jamaica last Saturday has been trying to forge the collaboration since last October and it was made possible through Ian ‘Fat’ Mc Clean, a Jamaican sound engineer who resides here. But this collaboration is not only about the Mighty Dow, he is also accompanied by Erno York aka Young Dow.

The thought of combining reggae music and steel band music can be very stimulation for the imagination and Dow described the team up in his own words. “This is going to be a one of a kind collaboration, the tones and tunes will be different, it’s not hard core, it’s more suitable for dancing” Dow said.

The raw copy of the song which was written by Winston Devine, from Trinidad & Tobago is just under four minutes long, but he still has to await the input of the sound engineers and of course Beenie Man.

What makes ‘You Make Me So’ a unique piece, is that Dow was inspired by his sons, Erno and Jabari. “They are much younger than I am and they helped me to cross over that gap, but for me it’s taking my music to the next level with Beenie Man.”

Even after receiving the life time achievement award, Dow said that did not mean he was at the top of his game. “I have to keep it going, a lot is expected of me now, but I still have lots to offer the St Maarten public, this year is going to be a very productive year for me, as a matter of fact, it’s going to be double productive.

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