Dow’s No Money, No Work wins Road March gold

POSTED: 04/4/11 11:59 AM

St. Maarten – After a sterling performance during the 2011 Road March competition, which was held last Saturday night, it’s fair to say that Isidore York aka Mighty Dow has literally risen from the ashes and this veteran calypsonian still has a lot to contribute to the arts.

The Mighty Dow was able to dethrone, ‘Big George’ who was the last to perform on stage, but was not good enough to recapture the coveted title. The other participants that competed for the title was Mighty Pepper, Queen Ivy, King  Barrow, Mighty Chip Man, Mighty Bal, Dr Jones and Versatwizy. Baker Jr did not perform.

With the state of the financial climate, it was not a difficult task for the panel of judges to give the Mighty Dow and his dancers the nod of approval after his melodramatic presentation. York’s dancers represented workers from a cross section of the society who had one thing in common, payment for work done.

The fire fighter, the school teacher, the doctor, the police and the construction worker all looked exotic and the even the male nurse stood out among the group. From the time York and his group appeared on stage, there was never a dull moment and from the reactions of the crowd, it was obvious that they loved his class act.

This new development comes a few weeks after it was announced that York will be inducted into the Hall of Fame/Lifetime Award in the International Reggae and World Music Awards, (IRAWMA). The ceremony will be held in the home of soca and calypso – Trinidad & Tobago on May 28.

Dow and his crew are no set to heat up events in the village and on the road for the duration of the Carnival festivities. He’s also going for gold in the upcoming finals of the Nagico Calypso Competition. The competition in that category is extremely keen and he will have to pull out all the stops to double his gold.


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