Dormoy shows provocation

POSTED: 02/11/13 2:10 PM

St. Maarten – Youmay Dormoy presented his art work in his exhibition called ‘Musically Lewd and Provocative’ at the Sheer Art Gallery on Front Street yesterday.

Dormoy who is also a well-known musician on the island, worked at his pieces for several years and was honored and proud to finally reveal his work in a gallery for the first time since 2004.

“I want to thank you all for your big support and outcome to come and view my work,” Dormoy said. He thanked his mother, his formal teacher and his wife during his speech that inspired and supported him during his creative process. “I never knew art and I never had the desire to do anything with it,” Dormoy continued. “It wasn’t until an old teacher introduced me to art and encouraged me to look more into it. This was my first experience with art and I am thankful for that.”

“The amount of energy that comes out of this man is unbelievable. In between working with the children in his drum band, his own music, he still finds the time to paint,” said former Lt. Governor and current managing director of Seven Seas St. Maarten Franklyn Richards. He described Dormoy’s paintings as; creative, provocative, leads to discussion, sensual, seductive and colorful.

After the speeches, the gallery was revealed by a dance performance of Hillianthe Boasman, who danced around the windows, which were covered by curtains, and seductively pulled them down to reveal the exhibition to fit its theme.

Dormoy who remembered the words of his mother ‘do something, be something’ said he had to beg to differ with the people who come home after work and relax in front of the television. “I never was a TV person, I get bored pretty easily so in order to that I have to keep myself busy otherwise I would be in trouble a long time ago,” Dormoy laughingly said.

“The most inspiring thing for me being able to paint is the process of a blank piece of canvas and creates a whole new world on it.” Art became over the years very important to the artist and wants to encourage others as well. “I would like to encourage new talent do develop themselves more in arts,” he said. “There are so many talents discovered and undiscovered here on the island, that if we all show our arts, St. Maarten would be a lot more colorful,” he continued.

The exhibition ‘Musically Lewd and Provocative’ can be seen until April 20, at the Sheer Art Gallery, Front Street 44 in Philipsburg.


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