Doram gets fitting birthday gift

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St. Maarten – To be told that you have been selected to play for Holland’s national cricket team against an English A team in India officially one day after your 15th birthday is the best gift a young cricketer can receive and that is what happened to St. Maartener Daniel Doram.
Luck or faith seems to be something that has been in Doram’s favor since his involvement in the game of cricket. At age 13, Doram became the youngest player in the history of the regional U-19 tournament to represent St Maarten at that level

He was the first player at age 14 to be selected to travel to Holland where he participated in a series of matches along with Shaquille Martina who was 15 at that time and now is 16. Now he is the first ever player from St Maarten who is being afforded an opportunity to compete at this level of the game.

Doram who is due to leave St marten on the 18th will arrive in Dubai on Saturday the 23rd and will have to participate in practice matches between the 25th and the 29th. On the 30th will be a rest day and his final practice match will be on the 30th and his first real game will take place on the December 2nd.

He will then depart for Mumbai on the 7th after two additional practice matches and a rest day and on the 9th, he will play in his first T-20 game. After another rest day, there will be a second T-20 game on the 11th and then they will head for Poona and on December 13th, the team will face the English Lions in two 50 over encounters on the 13th and 14th and on the 16th, they will play their final game against the English Lions before heading back to Holland on the 17th..
But this was not only good news for Cricket St Maarten Management Team, his proud parents, Gilbertha and Jonah Doram his peers and his friends. This was also a plus for Country St Maarten, a small island with lots of potential just waiting for the right opportunity to shine.

In a press conference which took place yesterday afternoon in the Board Room at Nagico Insurances, Ronald Elferink, a former national player for Holland, now working at the RBC Bank outlined what the itinerary is and what can be expected on such a trip.

However, Elferink could not refrain from pointing out Keith Carty who was responsible for his initial development as a youth cricketer before Rishie Singh took over the responsibility as the national coach and they were the persons that laid the foundation for Doram who started at a tender age.
“What we have on St Maarten is natural talent and coaches should not intervene with those talents, they should only try to help them in certain other aspects of the game and I must compliment Singh for not fooling around with Doram’s bowling action,” Elferink noted.

Doram, a left arm spin bowler performed so excellent while on his stint in Holland that two weeks into the tour, officials there were already in touch with Elferink, who was responsible for them going to Holland.

However, because of his lack of experience and age, Elferink did not want him to be exposed in a situation where he had little or no control and refrained from allowing him to make rash decisions without prior consent from his parents and the Cricket St Maarten Management Team.

“We do have many good players who are coming through the ranks and I must congratulate Doram and this is a huge opportunity for him. I think that everybody should be proud of his achievements especially Mr. McSood and Nagico who are putting their money where their mouth is,” he stated.
That had to be one of the most fitting rewards for Nagico’s CEO Imran Amjad McSood whose contribution to the development of cricket on St Maarten cannot be measured. “It is not easy for a young man who has turned 15 to be selected to play for the Dutch National team, this is most un usual and they must have seen something special in this young man,” Amjad said.
He however pointed out the importance of Doram focusing on his education and said that he is one of many because there are many more coming through the system. “The future for young players in the world now is pretty good. No longer are people playing for the sake of the game, you can actually make money in the game and already people are already making contact with him. But that time will come, what he has to do is concentrate on his game and listen to his coaches,” Amjad pointed out.

While lauding the efforts of past coaches and the current coach Singh,he however noted that the level of coaching Doram is exposed to on St Maarten cannot be compared to what he will experience on his tour.

“There is no doubt in my mind that he can be a superstar and I want to thank his parents for trusting us and giving him an opportunity to play the game. All I want him to do is to be humble and be respectful because you are not only representing your parents. You are also representing your country while playing for the Dutch national team and everyone will know you are from St Maarten overnight.”

“I know without a shadow of a doubt that he is going to make everybody proud with the help of God, but please don’t stop at Daniel,” said his mother Gilbertha. “I want to say thanks to you all for giving Daniel an opportunity. Today I can see the results for his accomplishments. I can remember him starting out with Keith Carty and now Singh and I am very proud,” said his father Johan Doram.

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