Donner predicts Central Bank probe will take months

POSTED: 07/1/11 7:31 PM

“I am concerned about the further subdividing of the bank”

THE NETHERLANDS – Dutch Minister of Interior and Kingdom Relations Piet Hein Donner provided assurances Wednesday that the investigation into the dispute between the Government of Curacao and the Central Bank of Curacao and St. Maarten will be implemented as intended by the Kingdom Council of Ministers and asked them to be patient and await the commission’s report because it could take months.

The debate was requested by the PVV and the SP based on their impression that Donner had opted for a milder research than originally intended, under the influence of Curacao’s Prime Minister Gerrit Schotte.
“When the minister went to Curaçao, suddenly there was talk of another study. What has happened on the plane? What has happened in Curacao,” Ronald van Raak of SP said.

“Are you not afraid that you’ve become Mr. Schotte’s hostage,” Eric Lucassen of the PVV queried. He also enquired about the possibility of the national police conducting an investigation.

Bas Jan van Bochove and André Bosman, respectively, of the coalition parties CDA and VVD, wanted a guarantee that the minister simply commissioned by the Government Ministers performing, Green Left MP Ineke van Gent asked if Schotte also participated in the appointment of committee members and Labour politician Martijn van Dam said the Minister had changed course.

“It seems as if the minister was hit and ended up in a hornet’s nest that moves in the particular game being played,” Van Dam said.
Donner said the research will be executed as ordered by the Kingdom Council of Ministers. He also explained that his comments during the last visit to Curacao were designed to eliminate confusion.

“Curaçao had the impression that the Kingdom would investigate integrity in the government of Curacao but it is up to the Parliament to decide about it. The research is not directed at individuals or the financial data of the Central Bank. The committee will examine the elements of the situation, how the development has taken place and then come with recommendations, “Donner said yesterday for clarification.

When asked if the committee also examines nominations by the Curaçao government, he said, “The independence of the committee implies that the committee itself will assess what is at stake. But the commission will not implement a policy review.”
Higher supervision
The minister also said he never discussed with Prime Schotte the possibility of greater control, as was reported by some media, and explained to the Dutch National Police can only do research in the Netherlands or Dutch special municipalities of Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba.

Even though he’s predicted the report could take months Donner plans to press the committee to act quickly because of the ongoing discussion on “further subdividing the bank.” The final report will be delivered to the Kingdom Council of Ministers and the Government of Curacao and then a decision made on whether the findings will be made public.


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