Dominique Riboud joins Union for Democracy

POSTED: 01/17/12 12:23 PM

MARIGOT, St. Martin – Dominique Riboud, who headed a list of his own in 2007 and planned to again this year, has announced he’s joining with Daniel Gibbs for the coming Territorial Council elections. Riboud said he’s joined the younger man, who leads the Union for Democracy (UD), because they a strong, complementary vision.
Riboud opened his address by saluting the political leadership that presided over the first year’s of new status, he’s unhappy with the fact that they’re weak, inert and have yet to meet the people’s expectations. He also accused them of not being able to manage the budget, not being able to properly implement projects and producing very few innovative ideas that lead to the territory’s development.
“I think that with Daniel Gibbs, we now need to properly assess the issues and to change the Collectivité of St. Martin into what we really wish and we need to do that without cheating, in all transparency, and after taking into account the realities and the potential of this territory with all its specificities. We have assets but we also face challenges like an economy based essentially on services,” Riboud said.
Riboud is also joining with Gibbs because he feels that the latter man understands that leading a country is about duty, not power.
“I will do everything to help him carry out his ambitious project. We are those who look at St. Martin and imagine it as it should be,” Riboud said.

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