Dominican voters come out to support Danilo Medina

POSTED: 05/14/12 12:43 PM

St. Maarten– The excitement is growing among voters from the Dominican Republic over the presidential elections that are scheduled for this upcoming Sunday. As the pictures show, support among voters in St. Maarten is in favor on Danilo Medina, his candidate for the vice-presidency Margarita Cedeno and depute Levis Suriel.

Political observers think that Danilo will win the elections and that his opponent, Hipolito Mejia will not be able to surprise him. The Japanese investment bank Nomura has labeled Danilo Medina the clear favorite.

Due to a law that was passed in 1997, voters from the Dominican Republic do not have to fly back home to take part in the elections.

The Dominican Central Electoral Board has been successful in its efforts to boost voter registration among expatriates. In early February, the board reported that it had registered almost 329,000 voters living in countries like the United States, Canada, Spain and Italy; they represent approximately 5 percent of the 6.5 million registered voters.

In New York the number of registered voters had almost doubled from 56,000 in 2008 to 103,000 today. The numbers in St. Maarten are of course limited, but that does not dampen the enthusiasm. Approximately 20 percent of the Dominican Republic’s nearly 10 million citizens are living abroad. Around 1.4 million of them are living in the United States.

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