DJ G-Money fined and sentenced to pay damages for decking Mystic One

POSTED: 05/31/12 1:00 PM

St. Maarten – On the night the government fell, April 27, Michael Gary Euton, an American disk jockey who works for Laser 101 under the name G-Money had a falling out with Glenfield Gipson (aka Mystic One), another radio personality who works at PJD-2. In the VIP-area of the Festival Village the American decked the diminutive Gipson by hitting him several times in his face and thus expressing his frustration about persistent rumors that he is gay.

“Gipson told around that he saw me in a gay-bar,” the defendant told the court yesterday morning.

“He told stories about me being homosexual. I never saw him before, but I approached him in the bar and asked him if he knew me. Then I said: You don’t know me and I hit him in the face twice; but I did not use a weapon or anything. Afterwards the police came and arrested me.”

The defendant told the court that he knows what he did was wrong; he also admitted that he had a bit of alcohol prior to the incident.

“The verbal abuse became intolerable. I regret what I did and I will pay the medical bills. All this happened in a bar during Carnival. Sometimes emotions take over. I was not thinking clearly.”

The injured party told the court he had not been able to work for three days, and that he had to discard a $60 polo shirt because it was covered in blood. In a letter to the court, he demanded $3, 000 in damages “for suffering pain, agony and stress.”

“In general the courts do not award high amounts for such damages,” Judge Mr. Koen Luijks told the defendant.

Gipson said that gets paid $10 per hour, setting the value for the three days he missed from work at $240. The medical expenses were covered by his insurance company.

Prosecutor mr. Hans Mos said that he is not convinced that Euton used a weapon as the police report states, so he acquitted him of causing injuries with the use of a weapon.

“What remains,” the prosecutor said, “is abuse with sad results.”

“The victim was seriously injured, and you gracefully admitted to this. But this should not be done between two public personalities of all places in the VIP area of the Festival Village. You probably drank too much. But I understand your anger about the rumors. All the same, this should not have happened in the first place.”

The prosecutor demanded a 2-week suspended prison sentence with 2 years of probation, a $500 fine and $500 in damages to be paid through the prosecutor’s office to the victim.

The damages consist of $60 for the polo shirt, $240 for the three days G was unable to work, $150 for the VIP-pass he was unable to enjoy after the attack and $50 in immaterial compensation.

Attorney Mr. Richard Gibson Jr. noted that the victim did not have to pay for the VIP-pass and that the injuries had been minor.

“My client leads a quiet and stable life. He is reliable and cannot be missed by his employer. He expressed his regrets immediately during the first interrogation; he has no record and chances that he will ever do this again are very small.”

Mr. Gibson asked the court to drop the conditional prison sentence and to fine his client and order him to pay damages. He submitted a production to the court, containing a statement from St. Maarten Carnival Development Foundation Secretary Michael Granger that confirms that media-passes for the VIP-area were issued free of charge.

Judge mr. Koen Luijks ruled that there is no proof that the defendant used a weapon against Gipson and dealt with the charges as simple ill-treatment. He followed the prosecutor’s demand, though he upped the compensation for immaterial damages from $50 to $500.

Euton was therefore sentenced to a 2-week conditional prison sentence with 2 years of probation, a $500 fine and $950 for immaterial damages. The judge ruled that the victim had made it sufficiently plausible that he’s had to pay for the VIP-pass.

This newspaper asked G. after the court case whether he wanted to pose for a picture with his attacker and shake hands to send a positive message to the community, but he declined.

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