Divorce rate St. Maarten drops

POSTED: 03/1/11 12:51 PM

Annual report Common Court of Justice

St. Maarten – The Common Court of Justice recently published its annual report 2009. According to the resident of the court, Mr. Lisbeth C. Hoefdraad, the report is seriously delayed due to “the hectic activities that had to take place within the Antillean government in 2009 and 2010 in the run up to the new constitutional relationships within the Kingdom that also had significant consequences for the organization of the Common Court.”
The report contains a lot of figures about registered and completed cases on each island territory. What jumps out is the large number of misdemeanors Curacao handled in 2009: 21,083 – almost nine times as many as St. Maarten, and almost four times as many as the 5,509 misdemeanors on all other islands combined.
Remarkable is the strong increase in the number of misdemeanors. In Curacao the number jumped from 18,121 in 2008 to 21,083 a year later – an increase of 16.3 percent. In St. Maarten the increase was much stronger: from 1,623 to 2,411 with a (48.5 percent)
If misdemeanors are taken out of the equation, Curacao as the largest island still tops the list with 5,406 registered and 4,405 completed cases – a completion rate of 81.5 percent.
The court in St. Maarten registered 1,690 cases and completed 1,175 of them (69.5 percent).
Another interesting figure concerns divorce cases. While this is on the rise across the board, St Maarten bucks the trend with a 7.28 percent drop to 140 cases. In Curacao divorce cases increased by 17.3 percent to 481; in Aruba divorce was also on the rise with 12 percent to 474. Bonaire handled 42 divorce cases, an increase of 31.25 percent.
Another field where St. Maarten went against the trend concerns bankruptcies. While these cases remained almost stable in Aruba and Bonaire, bankruptcies in Curacao more than doubled to 33, but St. Maarten saw a decline by 45.4 percent to just 5.
Intriguing is the number for cases that went to the council for supervision of the legal profession. In 2008 there were no complaints about lawyers in St. Maarten, but in 2009 there were 19. In Curacao there were 47 complaints, on a par with a year earlier.
The court in St. Maarten worked in 2009 with a budget of 2.3 million guilders. At the end of the year, there was a 15 percent (306,000 guilders) deficit. The court collected 565,739 guilders in fees.

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