Divi’s Manager wants more youth in hospitality

POSTED: 01/18/12 11:57 AM

St. Maarten – General Manager of Divi Little Bay Resort Cedric Pas has appealed to young people to become more involved in the hospitality industry. At the same time he’s cautioned them that their success will depend significantly on their attitude towards the world of work.
“If they have a positive attitude, we are willing to teach everything else. That’s all we really need in the hospitality industry today,” Pas said as he spoke of the resort’s “open door policy towards youth who want to live meaningful lives.”
“Many businesses have made it a priority to support youth development and are quite interested in perfecting the skills of young people. If you don’t have any skills set we can teach you how to cook, serve, check in guests, entertain etc.,” the resort manager said.
Pas’ comments were made on the sidelines of Tuesday’s St. Maarten Future Chef Culinary Competition where he also stressed the lack of knowledge among especially teenagers of how vocational programs can be of importance to their future.
Pas was at the time speaking at He said that although the island possesses a lot of young talent, teens are still not aware of how important can be for their future.
“A good place to start is with yourself and then look to others for support. Once you have a great smile, a sterling personality and the right attitude you will go places. Inspite of challenges, failures and insecurities young people should never stop pursuing their dreams,” Pas concluded.

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