Diving experts more than welcome

POSTED: 11/13/12 12:50 PM

St. Maarten – During  visitors’ day at the Coast Guard substation in Simpson Bay, Dutch navy divers and experts from St. Martin’s emergency services deliberated on disaster relief and the added value of having diving professionals from the Dutch defense forces ready at hand.

“More than welcome”, said Paul Martens, head of St. Maarten’s disaster relief section. “These navy divers have special equipment that enables us to create an underwater picture we need after a hurricane strike.”

Edmond Johnson, manager maritime services responsible for St. Martin’s lagoon and inner waters, acknowledged this, adding: “I am sure we will need these divers in the future. I remember Hurricane Luis and the invisible damage done to St. Maarten under water. We definitely could have used these divers then.”

Divers from the Royal Netherlands Forces Dive Group have been on exercise in St Maarten since October 29, concentrating on disaster relief. Divers surveyed the Simpson Bay Lagoon under water and were able to map out the shallow ends using an acoustical hand camera. A wreck in the approach to the Lagoon was also thoroughly examined.


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