Divico becomes distributor for Intermarché products

POSTED: 03/29/16 5:47 PM

St. Maarten News: Distributor Divico is now the official authorized distributor for all Intermarché products through its export department Geprocor and French Antilles partner Discount Center. Intermarché is the third largest supermarket chain in France.

Sunny Khatnani, head of Divico, says it is quite an achievement not only for his company, but for St. Maarten/St. Martin for such a powerhouse in food and goods to break into the local market. “Food is a necessity and quality food and products at an affordable price are a must in these economic times. This is exactly what the Intermarché product line brings to the island,” he said.

Intermarché has a host of private label products all based on quality as well as meeting and surpassing shoppers taste and needs.

What makes introducing Intermarché products to the St. Maarten market so beneficial is its price point and that its products can be easily distributed to smaller grocery stores. “You will also find Intermarché products in small mom and pop stores. These stores, many of whom have been Divico clients for years, have taken a hit from the introduction of other private labels into our market that they do not have access to,” said Khatnani.

By gaining the distribution rights for Intermarché, Divico now gives its wholesale clients and its cash & carry shoppers more affordable products that are private label, but organized in various brands and price points.

“This venture is a way for us to help strengthen and sustain small businesses, who are our main clients, and who are the backbone and foundation of St. Maarten,” said Khatnani.

The partnership with Intermarché signals a major change in shoppers’ consciousness on the island, said Khatnani. A decade ago, private labels such as the ones from Intermarché, Carrefour, Super U, would not have made roads in the local market.

“This island had been known as a brand-oriented market. This has now changed and is continuing to change. Price consciousness and a realization that price labels are as effective and comparable to big name brands have led to a branching off shoppers,” said Khatnani. “I know this, because 10 years ago Divico worked to be ahead of the game and introduced private labels items, but the market was not ready for it as it is now.”

Divico, which will mark its 25 anniversary in May this year, is the official exclusive distributor for Intermarché brands at home and in the wider Caribbean.

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