Divi Little Bay hosts jazz cruise

POSTED: 01/27/12 2:35 PM
The Kenny Neal Band, may have been replicated, but never duplicated and that fact was evident in the followers who arrived aboard the Holland America yesterday.

St. Maarten – Tourism on St Maarten took on a new meaning with the arrival of legendary rhythm and blues cruise, Kenny Neal band aboard Holland America and for a few hours, Divi Little Bay was saturated with jazz lovers yesterday.
The festival which attracted between 700 to 1000 tourists started just after lunch concluded at 4.00pm. It was quite an unusual site at the beach in Divi. The mature attendance added some nostalgia to the afternoon’s proceedings.
Also there to share the stage with the Neal family which included Kenny, Darnel, Fredrick, Tyree, Darlene, Charlene and Bryan Morris was our very own master on the steel pan, Isidore ‘Mighty Dow’ York who was only happy to be able to add some steel to the flow of jazz in the sand.

A section of the huge gathering that attended the jazz festival on the beach at Divi Little Bay yesterday.

Cedric Pas, the General Manager at Divi said the arrival of the jazz cruise could signal a new beginning. “This is something we are going to try and do at least three times a year, it’s a great way to advertise the island,” Pas said.
“There are twenty four hundred passengers on that cruise and if seven hundred of them along with my guests attend the festival, it’s good for the hotel.” According to Pas, the guests were super elated at the manner in which the tents, chairs, umbrellas and tables were set up on the beach. “It’s a very relaxed atmosphere, everybody is having fun, there is eating and drinking.”

Ethnic origins was not a factor during the jazz festival on the beach at Divi Little Bay yesterday, it was just the love for the music and that is evident in this gathering of ladies. Milton Pieters Photo.

Pas also disclosed that the organizers of the festival are toying with the idea of staging a one week long jazz festival here. “I am currently engaging talks with the organizer and I am going to involve the tourism department so we can make this a reality and bring new life to island.” He added.

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