Dive site damaged by cable or anchor

POSTED: 05/31/12 12:08 PM
A view of damage to the Carib Cargo
St. Maarten – The Nature Foundation has made three recommendations based on the recent damage that was done to Carib Cargo, also known as the Carib Ghost. The recommendation follows a confirmation of the May 28 report filed by Ocean Explorers Dive Centre. This is the second such incident. The last incident was on March 28.

According to a release the bridge of the Carib Cargo, which was previously considered the most structurally sound segment of the wreck, is the most suitable substrate for marine habitat, including coral colonies and fish areas and a popular swim through for visiting dive tourists. The foundation has now observed significant structural damage on the bow, with some gashes located on the port side. There is also damage to the superstructure and numerous pieces of coral were found shorn off. The foundation’s Marine Park Manager Tadzio Bervoets believes the damage was caused by either a towing cable or a dragged anchor.

The three recommendations the foundation has made are that vessels transiting through the Marine Park should avoid close passage to dive sites, wrecks (and additional dive sites within and outside of the Marine Park) should be listed as areas of conservation concern and initiatives should be sought for restoration of dive sites that have received damage.

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Dive site damaged by cable or anchor by

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