Diamond Resorts loses to 22 claimants

POSTED: 07/20/11 11:43 AM

St. Maarten – Twenty-two of 24 plaintiffs have been awarded victory in summary proceedings they initiated against Diamond Resorts Palm Management N.V recently. Judge R. van Veen’s ruling on the matter was handed down on Tuesday.

In his ruling van Veen orders the resort to allow the victorious plaintiffs to have access to their units and electricity based on the fact that they paid their 2011 maintenance fees, that people should be compensated $250 for every day or portion of the day that the defendant does not comply up to a maximum of $50, 000, that the maintenance fees and electricity rates will be charged at the applicable rates from 2010 and that the defendant will pay for the costs of the proceedings.

Jean Hager-Rich and Robert Stephen-Tringall are the two plaintiffs whose petitions were excluded from the award which is enforceable and cannot be challenged.

The petitions in this case were filed on July 11.The plaintiffs were represented by Mr. S.J. Fox while the defendant was represented by A.J. Engelsma and L.G.J. Bergman.


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Diamond Resorts loses to 22 claimants by

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