Diabetic foot presentation to Council of Ministers

POSTED: 11/25/12 8:25 PM

St. Maarten – On Wednesday the Collective Preventive Services, in collaboration with the Diabetes Foundation, officially presented the results of their report ‘Results of the evaluation of the diabetic feet at the local medical clinics’ to the Council of Ministers.

In commemoration of World Diabetes Day on November 14, a campaign was launched with as main focus foot care. In the opinion of the foundation, this issue has been underexposed in St. Maarten. The Caribbean has one of the highest rates of amputations as a result of diabetes when compared to other regions in the world. Bringing the diabetic foot and foot care to the attention of patients and professionals was according to the Foundation was a necessity.

The council was briefed on what items the patients were checked and questioned and was informed on the outcome of the examinations and checks.

Over a period of eight months diabetic patients of 15 clinics, totaling 423 persons, received a free foot examination and advice. The main goal of the foot examination was prevention of wound development and amputation.

The Diabetes Foundation, which will celebrate 15 years in existence as of January 10, will continue raising awareness and providing education on diabetes.

As a government subsidized foundation it provides policies and policy directions to government. Through their input and in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Health, Social Development and Labor, and the SZV, has now put the care of diabetes as part of the health package, trying to focus on the preventative side than solely the treatment of the disease.

The foundation concluded their findings by stressing the importance of data collection and training for doctors and nurses in terms of prevention. Ultimately, all efforts combined should result in a decrease in health care costs.

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