Deputy Prime Minister Marlin: “Pourier was not afraid to take unpopular decisions”

POSTED: 03/26/13 11:27 AM

St. Maarten – Deputy Prime Minister William Marlin said in a press release that he was saddened by the news of the passing of former Prime Minister of the Netherlands Antilles Miguel Pourier on Sunday.
The late Miguel Pourier will undoubtedly be remembered for the role he played in the political history of the Netherlands Antilles, particularly when the islands were going through difficult financial times.

Marlin remembers Miguel Pourier as a politician who was not afraid to take unpopular decisions. Maybe, because he was in the first place a banker.

“I have had the privilege to work with Mr. Pourier while serving as a Commissioner in the Government of St. Maarten but also Member of Parliament supporting the Central Government coalition,” Marlin said.
“Several issues stand out during that period; the negotiations with Mr. Pourier that led to the Win-Win-Win Situation in reference to the turnover tax, the battle of St. Maarten against the increase of gasoline tax, which led to the French side importing its own gasoline. But also, the negotiations which led to the transfer of the Great Salt Pond to St. Maarten. Initially the Central Government wanted to charge St. Maarten a very high price for having the office of the Cadastre prepare the Certificate of Admeasurement for the Great Salt Pond and on top of that charge St. Maarten a square meter price based on an appraisal report.”

Marlin recalled his negotiations with Mr. Pourier which were very heated but amicable. In the end Marlin said he was able to convince Prime Minister Pourier to arrange for the transfer of the Great Salt Pond from the Central Government to the Island Territory of St. Maarten for a symbolic price of one guilder.

Minister Marlin extended his condolences to Pourier’s family and to the people of the former Netherlands Antilles.

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Deputy Prime Minister Marlin: “Pourier was not afraid to take unpopular decisions” by

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